Hello, world!

It is time for the travel blogging to begin again. I have been writing stories in my head and planning too many trips I won’t be taking any time soon, so it is time to feed my travel bug. Writing will be the answer.

My goals are one trip a month and two stories. Traveling in the U.S. is significantly harder and costlier than Europe. I am also limited by a two-day weekend (it was three days when I was in Salzburg) that is currently half filled with curling.

In addition to future trips, I will be blogging about journeys I have already made, because over nine months in Salzburg, I visited 11 countries and 30 cities over 20-some trips, as far west as Dublin and as far east as Santorini, Greece and Piatra-Neamt, Romania. That means that I have had my fair share of travel glories and nightmares and have so many travel tips to share.

Across the top of the screen, above the photo of Salzburg’s Altstadt, you can find the “About,” “Austria” and “Planning a trip” sections. Those will be works-in-progress for a couple of weeks.

And with that, bon voyage, Gute Reise, good journey and above all, happy travels!

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