Putting my travel knowledge to use

I just love when my time in Europe and the knowledge I gained from being there gets put to use. For weeks, the ordering of the travel books at the library has bothered me like no other. Someone who is not as OCD as me probably would not care, but I know that there are people who would miss out if I did not speak up.

The situation:

The Moscow book was not next to Russia (it was after Scandinavia and before Amsterdam), the Eastern Europe books were split up over two places and the only edition of “The Best American Travel Writing” was in the middle of France! Sacre bleu!

The problem:

What if someone just went looking for the travel books because they were planning a trip to Easter Europe and wanted to start with the overarching books before selecting books for certain countries and cities. Because the books were not all in the same place, you would not be able to find them all.

The solution:

One of the reference librarians and then the director of the library told me that there really could be a problem, and as long as I was willing to write up a note about each of the books, the problem and where I thought each should go, then the situation would be investigated. Hurray!

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