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Dublin photos

Dublin, Ireland, was not the city of my dreams. It wasn’t even close. I had heard good things about it, and with an easy RyanAir flight from Salzburg, I decided I would squeeze Dublin in between London and Athens on … Continue reading

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Aperschnalzen, or Austrian whipcracking

In Salzburg last month, when I watched the Salzburger Dult Festzug, the Salzburg Traditions Festival’s opening procession, a couple of the acts included whipcracking. To no surprise at all, Aperschalzen in Salzburg Province and Goa├člschalzen in Bavaria, Germany, are rooted … Continue reading

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Memories of spring in Europe

A month ago I posted my Notes on Croatia, a list of memories from my long weekend there. Finally, a month after my spring fling in Europe, I’ve gathered my notes into something respectable enough to post here. I wanted … Continue reading

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postcrossing: the postcard crossing project

Just before Memorial Day, I signed up for a postcard project called postcrossing. By joining postcrossing, you agree to mail postcards to the addresses you are given, and then other people receive your address, so you get postcards, too. In … Continue reading

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Traveling for glass

I will never forget the day my parents took my brother and I to Oglebay, West Virginia. Justin and I were complaining that we were not going anywhere over the 2004 winter holidays, and then our parents had to pick … Continue reading

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Athens and Santorini photos

In February 2009 I went to Athens and Santorini with two of my friends. Greece was the most awe-inspiring of all my trips. My journey there was rough (missed flight due to canceled flight in Dublin + spent the night … Continue reading

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My Gartenzwerg-Tour, or my hunt for a garden gnome

I thought that in Salzburg, one would be able to easily find a garden gnome. This was definitely not the case. I guess I was a bit mixed up about my shopping expectations. I thought I would need to try … Continue reading

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My Dirndl-Tour

There were many things I wanted out of my trip to Salzburg and Rome, but what I wanted the most was a dirndl. A dirndl is the traditional female dress of Bavaria in southern Germany and Austria. It is composed … Continue reading

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The Top 5: Wows in Rome

It took a while for me to be awestruck in Rome, but by the time I departed, Rome was well imprinted on my mind. I had to spend time with the city, get to know it, see more of it. … Continue reading

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Friday in Columbus: A food feast

Last Friday I went to Columbus to hear a Venetian glass blower speak, but I’m not going to write about that. I am going to write about all the wonderful food I consumed that day, courtesy of my fine friends … Continue reading

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