A photo update and some news

I have spent the past couple of days updating photos on my photos page. I wanted to share my photos from my trip (Rome’s up) and also include some Croatia photos because I have so many more than what I included with my earlier post. I will periodically upload more, especially Salzburg photographs. Also up on my photo page are Brastislava, Venice, Sound of Music, Neuschwanstein and Oktoberfest photos.

Due to Greece and the European Union’s economic crisis, there has been a lot of news I’ve seen on the AP wire about the state the EU is in and what its future may or may not be. One article of interest is about Croatia’s future and how it has been working to meet the criteria for EU entrance but is now wondering if it will ever be able to become an EU member. You can read about that here: Ashton seeks to reassure Balkan nations of future EU entry. Another story of interest is whether or not the EU can stay together through this crisis. Here is that story: Can the EU survive Europe’s crisis?

And a final, fun story: Venice wants to attrack mosquito-eating bats.

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