Salzburger Dult

When I was in Salzburg, I just happened to be in town for the Salzburger Dult, a festival showcasing the traditions of the counties surrounding Salzburg in Salzburgerland. These counties, Pongau, Pinzgau, Tennengau, Flachgau and Lungau, were represented by groups from villages dressed in their traditional dress playing traditional instruments and songs. Some were also dressed as if they were going to a wedding. Everyone came in horse-drawn wagons and the horses were elaborately dressed, as well.

After the parade, a festival would be held for the week at the convention center in Salzburg, complete with music, beer, pretzels, ladies in dirndls and men in lederhosen, and rides.

Essentially, at the parade, I was running around like crazy trying to capture everything on camera, because I can tell you about the sights and sounds, but really, I want to show you.

First up is a video of the beginning of the Festzug and its entrance to Residenzplatz, along with other music from the two marching bands.

Second up is a movie showcasing the individual bands that were performing while the Festzug was stopped at Residenzplatz.

And thirdly, a few pictures of the event. For more, check out my photo page under Salzburger Dult.

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