postcrossing: the postcard crossing project

Just before Memorial Day, I signed up for a postcard project called postcrossing. By joining postcrossing, you agree to mail postcards to the addresses you are given, and then other people receive your address, so you get postcards, too.

In short, this is a perfect match for me. One, I love mail. Two, I love postcards. Three, receiving postcards from complete strangers around the world is totally awesome.

You know when your postcard has arrived because each card comes with a code that you have to register. Once a card you sent is registered, you can mail another.

At first, I was a little worried because I mailed my postcards the Tuesday after Memorial Day and the first one arrived on June 7th. I thought I should receive a card within 10 days of that or so. When I hadn’t, I was worried. I was not sure if I should mail any more postcards because four of mine had been registered by then and I had received none. I finally decided to mail four more cards in good faith.

This past Tuesday was a party in my mailbox. I had three cards, and then one more on Wednesday and another on Friday. My faith has been restored and I will continue to participate.

Here are my postcards, which are now decorating another wall in my apartment. If only you could see my humble abode, would you realize how much I do love postcards.

Consider this: I have a section of wall dedicated to postcards of my favorite pieces of art, one section with postcards from the countries and cities I visited during my year in Salzburg plus a map with all the cities pinpointed, two more sections with postcards showcasing the places I visited prior to my year abroad, and one final wall with postcards from my friends this past year. I also have a shoebox full of the hundreds of other postcards I have purchased on my travels since I was a child.

So enjoy this mini tour of the world, and as I receive postcards from postcrossing, I’ll post them so you too can see a bit more of the world.

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  1. Haha, when I got home today and opened up my mailbox (which hasn’t been emptied for a week and a half, mind you), a slew of postcards literally poured out. I think there were 7 of them. It was awesome.

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