Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area

For three years I have been driving the portion of U.S. 6 between Fremont and Sandusky, Ohio, that passes the Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area. This area is between Route 6 and the Sandusky Bay, so it is a great freshwater estuarine habitat.

There are a handful of places to pull off the road and observe the wildlife, specifically the observation deck in the middle of the area. I have always wanted to stop, but usually I am in hurry to be somewhere and don’t take the time.

Last night, though, with no particular need to be anywhere at any time, I decided I would stop, especially because the light was wonderful; it was about an hour from sunset. The observation area is a bit hidden by trees and a car had been driving on my tail, so I missed it because I didn’t want to stop suddenly.

So first, I turned onto the street leading to the information office, heading towards the bay. I stopped at a small turnoff with this sign:

I just happened to turn around to look at what was on the other side of the road when I saw two herons fly by. I guessed that there was a body of water there, and I was right. It was lovely. There were heron and geese in the water, birds flying and deer munching. There was also another bird perched on a dead tree; to my untrained eyes I would guess it was a hawk, but it could have been a bald eagle.

I went a bit farther down the road, stopping again to take photos of some pretty pink flowers.

Then I turned around and headed back to the observation area, driving past a deer grazing along the side of the road. After seeing the animals and vegetation at the other spot, I was a bit disappointed here. The sun was disappearing behind clouds and there weren’t any animals in the water.

I was glad I stopped, though. I had always wanted to know what the view was from that deck, and now I know. I also took some nice photos, which you can check out by clicking the photo below. And to learn more about the wildlife area, check the state’s Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife page for the area: Pickerel Creek.

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  1. Holly says:

    Great pics! I’ve passed that place too many a time :)

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