Postcard arrival: Russia, China, Finland and the Netherlands

My first postcard from this bunch is from Moscow. This is definitely somewhere moving up in my travel wish list. The architecture just looks stunning and there is so much history there that I think I could really enjoy the city and rest of Russia. And check out the stamps!

Secondly, I have a postcard from China. This is another appealing postcard from China. My thoughts of China remain the same: language and food sound scary but the scenery would definitely be worth it.

This is my second postcard from Finland. This postcard has a nice, rose stamp. I would also like to visit Finland. An interesting piece of knowledge on Finland: it is not part of Scandinavia. I’m not sure which region of Europe it falls under.

And finally, I have a second postcard from the Netherlands. (After these three country doubles, I think I may have to update my postcrossing profile to eliminated country doubles. I’d like to branch out a bit more.) There are tulips, which I love, and two other scenes that I wouldn’t so quickly associated with the Netherlands, which is nice: cows and a craggy coast.

I really have enjoyed receiving these postcards, because they show me how much of the world I haven’t seen and keep me excited about traveling, even if I every so often feel as if I having a bit of the doldrums.

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