Blog updates

Hello readers!

Today you’ll notice a change on my blog. I’ve updated my theme so I could have a couple more features, like the drop-down menus you’ll notice when you wave your cursor over the “Planning your trip” and “Photos” pages.

Other things are in the works, as well. Starting Wednesday, I’ll be posting a photo from my travels, so I can show you more of the places I have visited. This will be my first weekly feature.

Also, I have a long list of post beginnings, and I hope to get many of them posted here in the next couple of weeks. Some topics you can look forward to include a visit to Playhouse Square in Cleveland, a video of my trip to Rome, walking the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in Brooklyn, a Top 5 post on free (or nearly free) museums in New York City and a tale about visiting two sights that are decorated with bones. You can also look forward to photo updates on Amsterdam, Keukenhof Gardens and Nürnberg, Germany.

Readers, I would also love more comments about what you like and don’t like. You can read my “About” section to see where I have traveled, and with your questions or suggestions, I could write something about any of them.

And as always, happy travels!

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1 Response to Blog updates

  1. DangerousBiz says:

    I like the new layout features! Drop-down menus are great.

    Aaand I’ve also been meaning to ask you if you’d like to be featured as a “Thursday Traveler” on my site sometime in the next month? (Basically a weekly interview with a traveler I’ve started up.) Just e-mail me if so.

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