BalloonFest at night

On Friday night during my lunch break at work, I headed back to the BalloonFest to see hot air balloons illuminated. The illumination didn’t last long, but even so, it was pretty sweet.

Earlier in the day I participated in a media flight before the opening of the festival. The hot air balloon ride really was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I expected winds and for the basket to swing like a Ferris Wheel chair when in actuality it was quite hot up in the stratosphere without any wind. The balloon and basket just flew right along, without any bumps at all, not even at our landing. You can see some of my pictures from the flight here: BalloonFest.

When I exited the basket (my legs were just barely long enough to swing over the side and I’m not short), I just kept saying to myself, “Did I really just go for a hot air balloon ride? Really? I’m not at all worse for the wear and I was just flying through the sky!”

To watch a video of my balloon flight and interview with my pilot, watch the first video below. The second video below is a super-short rendition of the short hot air balloon illumination. But before those videos, I have a link to the story a reporter at work wrote about BalloonFest and her ride through the sky: ‘You are one with the wind.’

I’m having a couple of problems with my videos, so here’s a link for the flight video: On the balloon Special Purpose. And my illumination video: Illuminate.

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3 Responses to BalloonFest at night

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  2. elliewick says:

    Yes, it was so gorgeous! I think this is starting a long relationship with hot air balloons.

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