Postcard arrival: Russia, Thailand

One of the postcards I received this summer is from Russia. Another is from Thailand.

I received this postcard in an envelope with a note that included a drawing of a sailboat. The note explained that Pasha is learning English and wants to be an economist and will graduate this year. This photo is of a building in Tjumen, which she thinks should be written Tyumen.

Since this came in the envelope, the stamps are there. I especially like the one withe rabbit:

My other postcard is from Ratchaburi, Thailand. I totally want to go here:

The colors look amazing and I could imagine watching the boats of flowers and food pass by for hours. My message from Wannisa was a bit confusing, but again, a neat stamp with elephants:

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1 Response to Postcard arrival: Russia, Thailand

  1. Andi says:

    What fun places to get postcards from!

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