Wednesday photo: Founders’ Grove, Humboldt State Park

My trip to Portland, Ore., in October grew into a trip to California as well because I wanted to see the redwoods. In my pictures, I feel like the size and grandeur of the trees isn’t well represented. Jon snapped a few pictures of me at some of the trees, and this shows just how big a redwood is.

The Avenue of the Giants cuts through the park, and about five miles north of the visitor’s center, you’ll find the Founders’ Grove, home of the first tree saved in the park.

The trees here were giant. The night before I had camped under the trees and spending a few hours the next morning admiring their beauty in this part of the park was time well spent. We walked around gazing at the trees and it was definitely one of the most peaceful places I’ve been, even with the drone of Highway 101 in the distance. The trees made everyone quiet and I was glad that they did.

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1 Response to Wednesday photo: Founders’ Grove, Humboldt State Park

  1. Caitlin M says:

    Love the picture! Sorry I didn’t call you back last night – I will try to do so tonight or more likely within the next few days, once things slow down a bit.

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