Postcard arrival: Austria (mailed from Taiwan) and Thailand

When I received this card I immediately thought that this mountainous scene looked very Austrian.

But then I flip the card over and see that the cancellation is from Taiwan. And the sender is actually from Malaysia. The rest of the message says that she hopes I enjoy the Great Mountain Railway in Australia.

Hmmm. I didn’t think Australia was so mountainous and well, I still can’t stop seeing the similarities of Central European architecture here.

Finally I read the caption that says Brennerbahn. The Brennerbahn is the train system that connects Innsbruck, Austria, to Verona, Italy.

So here’s another case of Austria/Australia confusion. There are no kangaroos in Austria, thanks!

This next postcard is from Bangkok, with a wonderful compilation of things you can do and see there, like ride a tuk-tuk or see golden buddhas.

This card also came with some lovely stamps that didn’t scan so well because the card has a bit of a curve to it and it also got a bit damp on its travels.

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