Wednesday photo: Tulips at home, direct from the Netherlands

Today, Keukenhof opens in Lisse, the Netherlands. I made one of my most exciting purchases here, on my Dutch travels in 2009: a variety of tulip bulbs. I spent the afternoon there walking around with my notebook, keeping track of the blooms I liked, in homes of those being for sale. I was able to buy a handful of my favorites.And because I love tulips, a second photo:

I planted half of these in my parents’ front yard. The other half I planted in pots and subsequently ruined with improper winter care and cried over when I learned of their fate. This is how excited I was about having tulips that I selected in Netherlands.

Last spring these bloomed wonderfully, as you can tell. This year, I am anxiously awaiting to hear if they will bloom, because hybrid tulips (all of the ones in fancy colors and styles) are not as reliable as those red and yellow tulips that bloom reliably each year.

To see my Wednesday photo(s) from Keukenhof, click here.

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