Postcard arrival: North Carolina, Germany

I have sent a handful of postcards in the last month, but I haven’t yet received any in return. I hope they arrive soon!

I particularly like cards that show parts of the world I am unfamiliar with, like this one from North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest.

Another postcard from January is one I am much more familiar with, Albrecht-Dürer-Platz in Nürnberg, Germany.My parents and I toured Nürnberg in April 2009. We saw many of the sights shown here, including that hideous rabbit statue that comes from a Dürer painting. The artist’s former house is located at this square. Nearby, my parents and I ate Nürnberger sausages, which are my second favorite sausage, only to Käsekrainer.

Surprisingly, this was my first postcard from Germany, even though I have sent many there through postcrossing, and I’ve sent my fair share of postcards from the main train station in Munich, too.

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