Postcard arrival: North Carolina, Czech Republic

A lot of postcards have come trickling in the past couple of days at my apartment. I thoroughly love getting real mail, rather than the junk I so often receive.

I am quite thrilled with both of the postcards I am presenting in this post. The first is of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s east rim of Linville Gorge. The sender is from South Carolina, but the parkway, which is in North Carolina, is a favorite day trip of her and her family.

The second postcard is from the Ostrava, Czech Republic, the only country I thought I would visit during my year in Europe that I failed to get there, even after taking a dreadful Czech language course where I was admonished for speaking with an American accent and fast memorization is a huge problem of mine. I still have my German-Czech flashcards, for when I need to brush up on all those words I may have managed to learn. There was also a spontaneous day where Adina, my Romanian roommate, and I tried to buy train tickets to Prague and the cheap ones were sold out. Someday I will get there, especially because there is a curling clinic held in town…

Anyway, this person actually looked for a postcard with gnomes on it for me, but could not find one. That is amazing and another reason why I need to go to Česká republika.

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