Saturday Spotlight on Ohio: German Village in Columbus

When I first started this blog I posted about places in Ohio I would like to visit. I have visited some of them since then, but there are still many places on my list. Now as my time here is dwindling, there are sights and sounds around the state I want to spotlight. Some are old-time favorites, others I have been introduced to only recently and the rest are places on my to-do list. These places include restaurants, museums, gardens and other institutions, all reasons why I truly do love this state.

Last week’s first installment was about the Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren. Up this week is Columbus’ German Village.

I first learned about the German Village as a German student at Bowling Green State University. I led a group of students there as a German Club activity, and it was an absolutely lovely experience.It was spring when we visited and the neighborhood trees were in bloom, adding to the already picturesque houses.The area is filled with homes and shops, such as bakeries, art galleries, a book store and German restaurants.

The German Club group took a tour with the Society and then we broke up into groups to eat at a variety of restaurants. I ate at Schmidt’s, where I had a delicious Schnitzel. The restaurant also sells some deli and grocery items from Germany.

The German Village is located just south of downtown Columbus.

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