Postcard arrival: Russia and Germany

Postcards trickled in steadily for a few weeks here, but there’s been a bit of a holdup recently. At least one of the cards I sent out hasn’t been registered, which means it takes a really long time for me to get one in return.

Here are a couple of postcards I received earlier this year:

This first card from Russia has tulips, which is why Leni sent me this card (from U.S.S.R. days) that celebrations Woman’s Day.The stamps on this card might be the best I have so far seen. There’s a tank and a woman dressed in traditional dress, along with a rabbit and skyline.

My second card I’m showcasing here is from Zwickau, Germany. I hadn’t heard of Zwickau before a lady there asked if we wanted to swap cards, and I said sure, especially because I would get to write a bit of German. She kindly wrote most of her postcard in German for me, too.

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