Postcard arrival: England and Finland

Sadly, I have not received any postcards since early June. A couple have not been registered yet that I sent in June or July and I fear they are lost. When that happens, it takes even longer for me to receive a postcard. I mailed three today, one to California, one to Poland and one to the Netherlands, in hopes of speeding things up.

I received these cards in the spring, and one is a special Finnish Easter card.

First up is a card from England of a shopping center in Leeds called the Corn Exchange.


Like I mentioned, my second card shown here is from Finland.

This is definitely the cutest postcard I have yet received. It also includes two words with the most umlauts I have ever seen.

I liked that the sender of this card included the weather and temperature when she wrote the card. I was also quite intrigued by the stamps, too.

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4 Responses to Postcard arrival: England and Finland

  1. Those Finnish stamps are so special! :)

  2. vergipost says:

    Today I’ve received postcard from Finland with almost the same stamps=)

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