Wednesday photo: The woods around Hohenschwangau

I did not go to Füssen, Germany, the second time around for the King Ludwig castles (think Neuschwanstein) that are so famous. Instead, I wanted to see the fabulous fall foliage that surrounds the castles.

I convinced three others to go with me on this eight-hour round trip journey from Salzburg so we could split a Bayern Ticket four ways.

The views were absolutely stunning that day, and I had a hard time putting the camera down.

One of my first shots was this one, taken on the path up to the Hohenschwangau castle. I entered this photo in the Hancock County Fair, and I took home a second place ribbon!I am quite pleased with more fair ribbons (I placed third in a cookie contest, too), and the competition is just so exciting.

Here’s a look at Hohenschwangau:

And if you can sound out the German names of the castles here, then you’ll hear a word that sounds pretty much like “swan,” which would be a correct translation. There are tributes to the bird around the castles, and here is one at Hohenschwangau:

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3 Responses to Wednesday photo: The woods around Hohenschwangau

  1. suzy farrell says:

    Your photos are beautiful. I hope to travel to Germany one day.

    • elliewick says:

      Thank you! The area around Füssen is absolutely stunning, especially at fall. I love mountains and it is not hard to be impressed by the Alps. I hope you get to Germany one day, too!

  2. Kyle says:

    Congrats on winning an award, that’s a really great photograph!

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