Postcard arrival: New Mexico and Russia

I received these strangely similar postcards a couple days apart. One is from New Mexico and shows a Michelin Man artwork. The other is of a monument for Russia’s Day of Victory on May 9.

This postcard was sent from Alamogordo, N.M. I don’t really understand this card. It has nothing to do with New Mexico and it isn’t anything I requested. Nor does the sender explain it.

I am intrigued by the Michelin Man smoking a cigar and that the treads on the tires are different. Hmmm…

And like I said, the back offers no explanation and definitely is not of the desert the sender comments on.Victory Day is the day the Nazis surrendered on the Eastern Front. It happened on May 8 on Europe Time, but on Moscow Time, it was May 9, so in Russia, the holiday is celebrated on May 9.I was not able to find out anything more about this monument. Maybe if I could read Russian…

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