Heading homeward

I’m heading back to Ohio for a short visit. It will be my first visit since heading west to Utah in October. My family heads to the beach of Lake Erie every July and I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to continue the tradition with my family, albeit missing one because my brother isn’t stopping by from Boston. A few days with my family, plus hours of sitting on the pier at the beach, eating lots of ice cream, watching beautiful sunsets, food cooked by my mother and grandmother, and a visit from my friend Caitlin will be wonderful.

The point of this post isn’t just to tell you that. It is to share with you one of my favorite YouTube videos. It is called the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video. Maybe you have already seen it and are wondering why I would share such a video. It is because I love Ohio, will always love Ohio and will always defend Ohio, even through terrible stereotypes, jokes and departures, and especially through really funny and generally true jokes like this video.

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1 Response to Heading homeward

  1. Caitlin M. says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see you! And to eat lots of ice cream, haha. Also, the video made me laugh a lot:)

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