‘Wicked’ on the cheap

Tonight begins my quest for a $25 “Wicked” ticket. I’m practically perfect in this endeavor and I hope my streak continues this evening.

I’m talking about the “Wicked” lottery that happens between two-and-a-half hours before showtime and two hours before where winners get deeply discounted seats to the musical about Glinda, Elphaba and the Wizard of Oz.

After I won my ticket to “Wicked” on Broadway.

My streak, though, is for every production I saw on Broadway while I lived in Brooklyn in 2008. Most shows on Broadway have a drawing for these tickets, or sell last minute seats or standing room only tickets.

“Wicked” continues this tradition on the road, which I am quite thankful for, because nearly every show in Salt Lake City is sold out, and the tickets that are left are $150-$190 each. Now, do I want to fork out the big bucks or try my luck at a $25 orchestra seat?

The “Wicked” theater in London.

I know I might not succeed, but I live 15 minutes from downtown and have over two week’s worth of performances left to try to attend. I can easily try again until my name is drawn from the hat.

The Land of Oz map on set.

So wish me luck.

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1 Response to ‘Wicked’ on the cheap

  1. Caitlin M. says:

    Good luck! :)

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