Rhinos at Hlane Royal National Park

We were setting up our tent when we heard there were rhinos at the watering hole. We packed up as fast as possible to see the rhino. I had seen one rhino before at Nakuru National Park in Kenya. It was so far away that I do not know if it was white or black. Within a few minutes I had much improved viewings at Hlane Royal National Park.

Hlane only has white rhinos. The black rhinos, which are more endangered, can be found at Mkhaya National Park in Swaziland.

The rhinos were so exciting to see. A few mothers had young children with them.

I learned that rhinos do not have good vision, as well as they return to the same place to defecate. There were many large piles of rhino poop, which can then differentiate the rhino poop from the elephant poop.

Check out the photos below of the rhinos I saw. If you missed the lion or elephant posts, you can see them here and here.







A pile of this rhino’s poop.


If you go:

Transportation from Manzini to Lomahasha or Simunye: E30-E35 (The khumbi will drop you at the gate and it is a short walk to the toll booth and then another short walk to the camp.)

Park entrance fee: E30 per walk in

Campsite per person: E105 (Huts start at about E450 per person sharing.)

Dinner: E100 (We took breakfast and lunch. Braai grates are available.)

Sunrise/sunset game drive: E335

Rhino drive: E240

Bird watching walking tour: E200

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2 Responses to Rhinos at Hlane Royal National Park

  1. Susan Kemp says:

    It looks like your trip to Hlane Royal National Park was worth it. It must have been very exciting to see so many rhinos.

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