A moment in my life: Water use and reuse

So many entertaining things happen in my life in Swaziland. These are the moments I will want to remember because they make me laugh, and they show insight into my daily routine. These moments are often hard to photograph and usually last only a minute or two. I will start sharing them with you in this occasional series. 

I always reuse the water in which I hard boiled eggs. When I hard boil eggs in the morning, I use my tiny tea kettle. For many weeks, it was either that or a Dutch oven-sized pot, but I finally bought a set of non-stick, small pots that have been an excellent addition to my life. I think the tea kettle holds one liter of water. I proudly used the water for four different things a few days ago. 

  1. Hard boiled eggs
  2. Filled my mug for tea
  3. Added water to my quick oats for breakfast
  4. Took a bath

Did you know you can take a bath with half a liter of water? I didn’t either until I tried what is now my express version of a bucket bath. 

First I pour the water into a mixing bowl, let it cool, and set the bowl on a chair. If I am washing my hair, that gets washed first. Then I get my body wet with a loofa. Then I soap up my loofa and scrub away. Then I use a washcloth to rinse off the soap. And then I am clean! All of this happens standing up too, usually on a towel to catch the drips. 

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