Wednesday photo: My first Swazi home 

My first home was tiny but cosy. There wasn’t room to unpack, so I continued to live out of my suitcase for another nine weeks. I may have lacked space, but I did have two units with shelves, allowing me to get my food off the ground.

I only took photos of the inside of my hut on the night before moving out, so most of my belongings are packed in these photos.


My sleeping and storage area


My bathroom and kitchen


The cooking area, handwashing station, and shelves

My hut was wonderfully situated. I could sit on my porch and wash dishes and laundry. I could see anyone who was walking down the long driveway. I could watch everyone going about their daily activities and they could watch me. I could watch the sun set behind the mountains just a few kilometers away. And I could sneakily throw spoiled food into the field behind my house and the chickens would remove all evidence.

We did not have many animals, which was also nice. Just a few chickens and a rooster who didn’t have too many outlandish behaviors or noises.

Part of the family in front of the hut

Part of the family in front of the hut

There were so many nice moments there that truly outweigh the all the complicated parts.

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