My permanent home in Swaziland

My permanent home in Swaziland is located in the Manzini Region, with easy access to transportation, food, and Swaziland’s capitol and biggest cities. I live near the main tourist areas of Swaziland, as well, which just happens to be an area called Ezulwini, meaning in heaven. It is located among the many mountains with lush green grasses, fields, and mountainsides. I am glad this area is my home.

When I was visited by the Peace Corps for my first site visit last week, I was immediately told I live at a Posh Corps homestead. I said that maybe my homestead looked posh, especially with water available at home and a garden full of fruit trees, but aside from outside looks it is not that posh.

I do not have running water, a shower, or a toilet like some volunteers. I do not have a tiled floor, a fireplace, or beautiful lighting.

But I do have a beautiful family allowing me to live on their homestead and be a part of their family for two years.

I have had requests to see photos of my home for weeks. Finally, here they are.


My bed and nightstand


My closet and storage area


More storage and my toilet


Part of my kitchen, water filter, and more storage


My stoven sits at one end of my counter. I use the small kettle for tea and the large kettle to boil water for drinking.



My kitchen counter and shelves



My desk and calendar

My homestead from the street, and my laundry as an added bonus! My home is the square building behind my laundry.


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1 Response to My permanent home in Swaziland

  1. Susan Kemp says:

    Thanks for the photos, Alison. I am glad to see where you live! You have made your hut look cozy!

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