Wednesday photo: Flowering bananas

I have seen banana trees a few times during my Africa travels, but I had yet to fully understand the plant and its banana production. 

My family here in Swaziland has a large grove with 30 trees or so. Bananas seem to grow year round and I have seen a few trees carrying fruit. 

To collect the bananas, my family explained that you cut the tree down and then store the bananas until they are ripe. 

Finally this last week I saw some bananas being birthed from the huge, maroon flower, and the bottom of each banana had a small flower, too. 

New-born bananas

I am finally in-the-know! 

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2 Responses to Wednesday photo: Flowering bananas

  1. We lived in Swaziland a couple of years during the 80th. We didn’t have bananas I our garden but I remember buying small thick ones that was called Ladyfingers

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