Wednesday photo: Pineapple 

I live near the pineapple center of Swaziland, but purchasing a pineapple has been ridiculously difficult. 

I bought four when I found them the first time. I found none when I wanted them again. And then they were back at the markets. 
Then I learned that I could grow a pineapple from the leaves of a pineapple. I saved one of my leaves and after a week of letting it dry, and then another couple weeks of letting roots grow, I planted my pineapple last week. 

It should take about two years to grow a Swaziland-sized pineapple, which is about half the size of an American pineapple. 

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5 Responses to Wednesday photo: Pineapple 

  1. I remember the fields of pineapples in Swaziland. Never seen anything like it elsewhere

  2. Julie Z. says:

    Timor Leste has pineapples, too, that seem to grow wild on random patches of land. Are your pineapples pink?

  3. arv! says:

    Wow !two years sounds quite some time for a fruit. :)

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