Wednesday photo: The first fruits

The  first fruits holiday that is also about cleansing, renewal, and celebrating kingship starts this Saturday. It is called Incwala. The first fruits also happened this week at my house. 


Parrafin, fish, and the stringy mangos, plus an ear of boiled maize

As soon as I got home from training, little bobhuti wanted to show me the ripe mangos. There were not many, just a few of each type (we have three types, including the familiar red and green one seen at grocery stores in America), but soon we will be rolling in the mangos. 

Make brought me two ears of boiled maize yesterday, too. The ears were from the farms of my older bobhuti. The ears were boiled with the husks on, which made removing the strings easy. The maize was light yellow with average-sized kernels. 

Everything was delicious. 

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