Wednesday photo: Malandela’s

I live near Swaziland’s valley of heaven and it truly is beautiful. One of the beautiful places overlooking the valley is Malandela’s. 

The complex includes a B&B, multiple-stage conference venue, restaurant, and shops selling locally-made products. 

An excellent bacon cheeseburger

I have eaten at the restaurant twice and it has been delightful. 

The art is also delightful. There is an eclectic mix of pieces spread throughout the grounds. I have heard that they tell a story, but I have not heard it yet. 


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6 Responses to Wednesday photo: Malandela’s

  1. Interesting photos ! Those arts were not there when we lived their. Beautiful!

  2. Janette wagner says:

    I love all your interesting posts. The photos are very special

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m headed there on Monday, I can’t wait!

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