Permagarden planting tips

Last week I participated in a truly amazing permagarden session with Peace Corps’ permagarden trainer Peter Jensen. I started a permagarden on my homestead in November and as I build and incorporate more parts, I will write a post about the basics.

A permagarden is simply what its name states: a permanent garden. There are specific tools and building techniques used to improve a garden so that it can provide produce year-round.


Our best reference book

The library at the Swaziland office has a great resource called How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons. This book covers many of the basics we have been taught plus more. The important parts from this book that were not covered or only in a limited fashion were temperatures different plants best grow in, companion plants, garden design, and seed or seedling spacing.

Below are photos of the pages with additional information for the reference of myself and all of the other Volunteers designing permagardens.


Plant-growing temperature ranges

Layout grids:



Seed, yield, and spacing


Seed, yield, and spacing


Seed, yield, and spacing


Companion plants (and this photo refuses to rotate. Sorry!)


Companion plants and herbal companions


Herbal companions


Herbal companions

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