Wednesday photo: Laundry

February was a fun month filled with training, a traditional holiday, and lots of rain. 

The first two weeks were extremely busy and I managed to squeeze in two short, one-hour laundry sessions during that time. 

Then the rain started, not letting up for two weeks. My dirty laundry was already expanding beyond the bag I use for dirty clothes, and with all the rain, the pile just kept growing. 

The rain meant there was no way to dry my clothes. Sure, I could have hung a few pieces to dry in my room, but the humidity was still too high for anything to dry. 

Finally on Saturday I was able to wash and mostly dry about half of the laundry. It finally dried on Monday while I washed the rest of my clothes, towels, and sheets. 


Monday’s laundry hanging to dry.

These three lines full of laundry took about three hours from start to finish. It will be at least another three hours before they dry. 
I would say that I am quite good at rewearing clothing until it is truly dirty, so with that I recommend that future PCVs really should fill one suitcase with clothes of all styles and for all seasons. If you look closely enough at the photo above, you can see that I am drying both pants and shorts because February included all weather options from 100-degree days to chilly, 65-degree days. You need to be prepared for it all in Swaziland. 

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