Monthly expenses as a PCV in Swaziland

Every year, each Peace Corps post reevaluates the monthly stipend the country’s Volunteers receive. I track my expenses each month because I have for many years, but in March, we had to report our expenses to Peace Corps. There was a form that says how much money we receive for each category and then the items purchased are listed on the reverse side.

This is an easy way for anyone interested in joining the Peace Corps, and particularly those who are expected to arrive in Swaziland in June, to see what our expenses are and what items are available in here.


Peace Corps Swaziland cost of living allowance survey with expected costs and what I actually spent.


Category breakdowns and items purchased. This month was complicated because I made a repair to my glasses that cost E1549 that Peace Corps would not pay for. This expense put me over our living allowance for the month.


I am keeping track of April as well to see how the months compare at such a breakdown. I will update you again in May.

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