A week in the life of a PCV in Swaziland: Monday

When thinking about writing about a normal day as a community health PCV in Swaziland, I just laughed. There are no normal days.

I picked a week to report on where I had very little on my calendar to start with, and by the end of the week, I was exhausted from the number of activities that came up. Sometimes, though, the week does not get filled with activities and sometimes I know the week will be extremely busy before it starts.

I will be posting each day this week with the activities I did on the corresponding day a few weeks ago.

Remember that this is only representative of my life. Other PCVs in Swaziland have very different schedules and are working on different projects and activities in their communities. We are supposed to be meeting the needs of our communities, and of course, each of our 70-some communities have different needs, which means we work on different projects across the country.


800: Awake. I check emails, WhatsApp, and WordPress from bed. I look for ants and other foes and turn on my stoven to boil water for tea and oatmeal. I make my mental list of tasks, with gardening, a meeting with a community member, preparing for English club, preparing some financial courses, and my siSwati lesson. I eat and my chicken Thandi comes to visit, so I feed her.

830: I check the weather (sunny and in the 80s), so I soaked two beans to plant in the spaces where the first planting did not grow. I boil water for drinking, and am out the door to my garden at 900.

900: I double dig a bed in my garden for three hours. I encounter a lot of trash, which makes the process slow. I plant the two bean seeds.

1230: Head inside to cool off by laying on the floor and eat lunch.

1330: I start reviewing siSwati, but am easily distracted by my dirty toenails, emails, and WhatsApp. Eventually I decide the community member who was coming to visit is not coming.

1615: Get organized for my lesson. I head to my tutor’s house at 1630, but she is not home. We meet from 1700-1730.

1730: I pull weeds in the garden and water.

1815: I chat with fellow team members about reviewing an upcoming Peace Corps schedule. We make comments about the proposed schedule for 30 minutes.

1845: I have a dinner of cereal and start watching Breaking Bad.

2045: Get ready for bed. Then I remember I need to update the English club roster and prepare a backup song. I get distracted by preparing multiple lessons on idioms and stay up until 2230.

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1 Response to A week in the life of a PCV in Swaziland: Monday

  1. Brynn Fowler says:

    Alison, I am loving hearing about what your days hold! Miss you.

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