Wednesday photo: Sands

I bought a ticket to the Bushfire music festival in Swaziland only because Sands was performing. I was convinced I would not have a good time, but I had been trying to see Sands since his hit song Tigi hit the radio waves sometime in October or November, so I succumbed. DSCF3781

I actually had a great time minus the lack-of-sleep induced cold. I focused on seeing all the musical acts I wanted on my time rather than waiting around for others.

This included showing up early for the Sands performance so I could be in the front row.

It was an awesome show, and I look forward to more performances.

And then the following day I spotted Sands from behind, screamed like an adolescent girl, and made my friends stop so we could get a photo.

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2 Responses to Wednesday photo: Sands

  1. Jenny says:

    Alison, this is so cool! I liked the sound of his video you shared on this post, although I have no idea what is being said. My Swazi is pretty much non-existent except for reading your translations in your posts! So glad you were able to meet Sands and get a picture with him. What a great opportunity.

    • elliewick says:

      Tigi is about how a girl makes his heart beat (the tigi parts) and he’s trying to get to know her. His other big song is called Vuma, which is about him asking someone to marry him. The whole audience was like, I’ll marry you!

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