These are a few of our favorite things

Sanibonani G15 and all other future PCVs,

Swaziland’s G14 wants to share with you a few of our favorite things. You can read about mine here and my PST-specific items here. There’s only two weeks to go until you land in Johannesburg and arrive in Swaziland. Some of you have been packing for months; others are probably just starting. Either way, why not get a bit more use of your Amazon Prime account before you depart? Or just take it easy and remember that you can buy almost anything you will need here.

But do not forget some winter clothes. PST will take place in the mid-veld, where lows are already down to 48 degrees, and there’s one month to go before the coldest days of the year in July. Sure, 48 degrees is not that cold, but it is numbing when you live in a small house with no insulation and windows that do not seal tight. Do not underestimate the cold.

We cannot wait to meet you. Some of us will be meeting you on day one, I will meet you at food day at the end of week two, and most everyone will be at the Fourth of July party.

Until then, salani kahle (stay well), and fine-tune your packing.


Kirby: Blue Ikea bags for transporting groceries and a Hydroflask.

Nate: Timbuk2 bag.

Nicole H.: Solar shower and bed canopy.

Tori: Filter coffee, fuzzy socks, and Sharpies.

Robert: Cordless fan, headlamp with rechargeable batteries, and as many backup chargers and cables as possible.

Meaghan: Things from home to decorate hut, a hard drive full of media, and a portable charger.

Abby: Stick deodorant, colorful duck tape, and resistance bands.

Rachael: Lanyard to keep track of keys, pictures of home, and favorite t-shirts.

Nada: Mac lipstick and essential oils.

Akirah: Essential oils, coconut oil, a small everyday backpack, and incense.

Timmya: Black on black Toms, foldable sun hat, perfume, and a quick dry towel.

Lauren: Snacks and emergency feel-good food like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and caramels.

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