How I spent May’s Swaziland PCV stipend

May was a glorious month. 

The first week was spent in Lusaka, Zambia, at a fancy hotel with included and amazing breakfast and lunch. Dinners out were cheap and paid for with a Peace Corps stipend. 
The second week was spent at the training center in Swaziland for MST, where all meals were catered. 

That left two weeks with four weeks of money! I did not save as much as I should have because of Bushfire, where there was a delightful assortment of food. I forgot to put Bushfire expenses on my form, which is about E400 for food, drinks, and transport. The food was expensive, and I brought my own for most of my breakfasts and lunches. 

 I also made a trip to the office for a meeting and the SOJO. Like always, I didn’t put those transport or food expenses here because I get reimbursed. 


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