A photo tour of Maputo

Maputo was awesome. Mozambique in general seemed awesome, too. There was so much great food to eat of many varieties, the city was walkable, there was no harassment, and we always felt safe.

Check out a few photos of our jaunt through Maputo. Below is some information on visiting.


Deacon buying fish.


We bought all the seafood at the market and then we took the food to a restaurant next door for it to be prepared.


The cathedral.


Mozambique’s parliament building


The main train station.


The train station is ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful.


Catherine and I on the train in the train station museum.


We had to take a moment to drive the train, too.


The Museum of Natural History


The beach and the Maputo skyline.

If you go…

Visa fee: E700 in advance and E900 at the Swazi border.

Public transport from Swaziland: E80 from Manzini, four hours.

Sleeping: Fatima’s, 800Mtc per night, can fluctuate based on the exchange rate. Base is a second hostel, with a better price. Smaller. Both organize transport to Tofo.

Capulanas (fabric): Available at the elephant store across from the main market downtown. It is available in precut portions of 1.8 meters. There are other smaller dealers throughout the city. Expect to pay around 200Mtc per portion.

Cashews: Dealers at the main market will season the cashews with peri peri for you if you ask.

Food: We ate with the locals at two different markets, bought our own fish to be prepared, ate at a local restaurant with no English, and ate at a fancy waterfront location. Prices ran the gamut.

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3 Responses to A photo tour of Maputo

  1. April says:

    How interesting that you bought food, and then took it to the restaurant to be prepared!

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