Wednesday photo: Potjie

What is a potjie, you might be asking. Or maybe you want to know how to pronounce this strange combination of letters. 

A potjie (pronounced poi-key), more or less, is a stew cooked on the fire in a cast iron three-legged pot. It’s an Afrikaner dish. 

The nearby country club hosted a potjie cookoff somewhat similar to a chili cookoff  in the U.S. but minus the crowd favorite. 

I competed in a team with two other PCVs and one of their significant others. 


Team Red Hot Chili Preppers

We didn’t place in the top three, but we still believe we had the best themed booth. We made a rockin’ chili with Mexican decor that was all homemade. 


Deacon checking the chili.

The team that won decorated their stall with taxidermied antelope. If you hadn’t already figured out this was a rich, white people event, then that should tell you. 


The judging

 In a country with a tiny non-black population, I felt more out of place at this event than I have since I arrived. Integration works, especially when you are living close to the poverty line. 

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