Wednesday photo: Viva vagina

“Viva vagina” was the pumped-up cheer our condom demonstrator gave in the middle of a female condom demonstration.


The session was part of a day-long training about HIV and activities that can be used in our communities for G15 during their Pre-Service Training.

I am so proud of this day and so happy that after asking for a condom demonstration training for at least nine months, I was able to plan the activity myself with Condomize Swaziland, a group that is working to increase the use of condoms in Swaziland.

Condoms are an excellent way to reduce the spread of HIV and pregnancy and are given away for free across the country. In a country where 28 percent of the population is HIV positive and an abstinence-only message is not working (easily proven by regular pregnancies at high schools), condoms are a necessary part of life here, especially for Peace Corps Volunteers working with young adults


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