A moment in my life: Running from mama cow

So many entertaining things happen in my life in Swaziland. These are the moments I will want to remember because they make me laugh, and they show insight into my daily routine. These moments are often hard to photograph and usually last only a minute or two. I will start sharing them with you in this occasional series. 
Mama cow Madiba (yes, she is named after Nelson Mandela) and I have a mostly hate relationship. I give her a wide berth whenever I can because she has charged me. 

Yesterday when I went grocery shopping I bought make some vegetables because I came home really late the night before and she told me I was naughty. 

I rounded the corner from my house to the back door of the main house and came face to face with Madiba, who lunged for the chard in my hand. 

Phetsile shouted, “Run, Hloniphile!”

I ran back to my house, chased by Madiba, and narrowly got inside with the door shut before Madiba could come crashing after me. 

I was able to give make the veggies a few minutes later after the cows had been retained, which she was quite excited about. She heartily laughed after hearing about Madiba’s attempted thievery, too. 

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