A few more photos from dancing Umhlanga

Because I have so many wonderful photos from PCV Kirby at www.whatiskirbydoing.com, I want to share a few more of the Umhlanga ceremony. If you want to read more about my experience, check out day six  (delivering the reeds) and day seven (the big dancing day).

Umlanga 2017 899

Nonduduzo, the head maiden, wearing black feathers on the left, and the eldest princess Sikhanyiso in the center in orange with a staff, are the first to dance.

Umlanga 2017 908

Sikhanyiso and Nonduduzo in the center leading the dancing.

Umlanga 2017 982

King Mswati III greeting special guests and foreign dignitaries who have attended the festival.

Umlanga 2017 995

King Mswati III and the queen mother greeting honored guests.

Umlanga 2017 1055

My group dancing on the field.

Umlanga 2017 1076

My group dancing on the field.

Umlanga 2017 1087

Me again. The girls in the background have already danced and are lined up on the field for the special dances generally led by royalty and the head maiden.

Umlanga 2017 1131

The group dancing.

Umlanga 2017 1181

The king greeting participants.

Umlanga 2017 1258

The king bowing to members of the royal family denoted by their red feathers.

Umlanga 2017 1271

The king walking through the participants.

Umlanga 2017 1308

Maidens watching the king.

Umlanga 2017 1379

Maidens watching for the king while dancing. We were singing a song about the king.

Umlanga 2017 1468

Women from the royal family, likely wives of King Mswati III, dance out to their children to perform kudlalisela, the bow of respect and appreciation.

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2 Responses to A few more photos from dancing Umhlanga

  1. ginasjoys says:

    Fascinating, thanks for sharing.

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