The chicken diaries: Slaughter time

I became a parent to two chickens I named Sitfwatfwa (snow) and Thandi (love) in January 2017. This is their story.

Make told me it was time for one of my roosters to die.

It took a few days for me to slaughter a member of my flock. Unlike my Swazi family, I cannot consume a whole chicken in one day. I was not even sure I could eat a whole chicken before it went bad.

I decided to make chicken noodle soup and planned to share it with my
family. They hated it.

At least they helped me catch the rooster because there was no way I was going to. (Chickens run really fast when they now it’s time to be dinner!)

Below you will find photos of my first chicken slaughter.


My sis stalking the rooster with the big, black tail feathers.


A bhuti running after the rooster in flip flops may have been one of the funniest things I’ve seen.


Caught after he entered a space with no other exits.


Sawing away after the rooster resigned himself to death.


He was bloody.


Slaughter wasn’t as horrible as I expected.

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