A moment in my life: Three hot

So many entertaining things happen in my life in Swaziland. These are the moments I will want to remember because they make me laugh, and they show insight into my daily routine. These moments are often hard to photograph and usually last only a minute or two. I will start sharing them with you in this occasional series. 

It’s three hot today, for the ninth (at least!) day in a row.

Three hot is when it is hotter than too hot.

It’s when:

  • I have turned my fan up to the third speed, but that really just means the already hot air is just blown at me faster.
  • It is cooler outside than inside.
  • I take a cold bath in the middle of the day to cool off.
  • I wake up sweaty.
  • I lay on my cement floor in my underwear.
  • I eat yogurt for dinner so I do not have to turn on my stove.
  • Standing up from my spot on the floor to do anything else breaks a sweat.
  • I will need another bath after my walk to the stesh, yet I have to go to school via an overcrowded khumbi with the windows closed.
  • My chocolate is melting.

How how is three hot? I’ve decided anything above 90*F, because it’s hard for me to notice a difference in temperature when it is 90* or hotter.

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