If hyenas could talk

Hyenas are usually on the move, never lingering for long at one spot, unless you find a mother with her cubs. For this reason, my photos of hyenas usually show only their backside moving away.

On my latest trip to Kruger, we spied two hyenas leaving a watering hole on the trail of something. We later saw some zebra and giraffe in the area, but our vehicle brought a new smell to the area, the smell of two hamburgers brought along as snacks by some of my fellow safari goers. The hyenas spent a whole five minutes near us, with one intensely smelling us, as my photos show.


Cruncher: Snickers, hurry up! I smell something tasty!


Cruncher: I can’t tell if it is dead or alive, but it smells like buffalo.


Snickers: Oh yeah, Cruncher, I’ve got the smell. It was right here. 


Snickers: Cruncher! Something is watching us! Cruncher: That’s not food. There’s more scent here. 


Cruncher: I smell live zebra. I’m gonna check it out. Snickers: I’ve still got the buffalo you smelled. I need to figure out what’s going on here with this big box on the path.


Snickers: There’s something moving inside. And, oh, the smell!


Snickers: Cruncher, I’m going up close. The smell is here. It’s inside the box.


Snickers: Mmmmm.


Snickers: Cruncher, I’ve got it. You want some?


Cruncher: Give it up, Snickers. I said that’s not food. There’s some better looking zebra right here. Let’s kill one.


Snickers: But Cruncher, there’s meat right there. I can still smell it. Cruncher: C’mon, Snickers. Let’s go get this zebra and have a feast. 

Special thanks to Taylor for the hyena names!

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2 Responses to If hyenas could talk

  1. Wayne says:

    Great shots I am glad they did not jump in to the Jeep like the leapard on the news did this morning

    Sent from my iPhone


    • elliewick says:

      I’m glad, too! The guide told us about a time a lion jumped on the hood of his jeep, which didn’t even have a windshield up. It was also following a scent.

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