Gratitude: Work assignments, showers, packages, and quiet mornings

This week was better, as I managed to stay much busier. I went to Mbabane twice, once for an HIV Committee meeting and once for a meeting with PSI. Fellow HIV Committee member and G14 extender Blake spent Sunday night at my homestead because we had planned to go for a hike but then stayed inside because of a threat of lightning. Instead I killed a chicken for a chicken pot pie, and then we discussed future travel plans and played a game of Settlers of Catan.

Both of my meetings were productive, with tasks assigned for future work. Yay for work! And my GLOW Club and English Club had productive meetings this week (our last of the term), which included an early morning trip to school for assembly to watch three of my students recite poems at assembly. They were a hit!

Book Club met today, and this is the first time I didn’t read the book (only because I didn’t like it). It should be a fruitful discussion even so. After the meeting I am looking to catch up with a few of the members about their recent travels and to have a shower. I haven’t washed my hair at home (in a bucket) for almost a month, so it’s now a challenge to see how long I can keep my shower streak going.

This week I also picked up a package that spent nearly two months in Manzini for no apparent reason. I immediately broke into the snacks. Thanks, mom!

And lastly, the music on my homestead was relatively quiet in the early a.m. every day this past week. I was trying to go to sleep just as my eldest bhuti got home last night, and I was extremely grateful he wasn’t playing anything loud. After a horrible night of sleep even without the loud music, I continued to be grateful that the music didn’t start until after I was awake this morning. After a few religious tunes, he played Mariah Carey for about an hour.

Baking for the week

  • I made a yellow cake for Blake’s visit.

Media consumption for the week

  • I’m still working on Nine African Stories and the Alexander Hamilton biography.
  • I read the BGSU magazine and the children’s books my mom sent in a package.
  • My bhuti and I watched The Martian.
  • I watched an episode of Outlander.
  • I’m listening to my music on shuffle, although it is hard to hear over my eldest bhuti’s loud tunes. He’s currently on a country kick, with “Country Roads” playing.
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