Wednesday photo: Clothing design

I have so much fabric and have had so little clothing made. I even bought more fabric last week. Whoops.

Part of the problem has been finding a tailor who will do what I ask, make clothes that fit, and not charge me an arm and a leg. I didn’t think finding someone who could do all three would be so hard!

I dropped off two pieces of fabric at a tailor in Mbabane, asking for two simple skirts. If these go well, then I will happily drop off more fabric. Her business card says she specializes in a variety of fancy dress styles, so I have high hopes!

In the meantime, I’ve searched the Internet for many designs. I’ve liked so many, that I have at least 50 on my phone. Here’s my most recent inspiration binge.

And me, wearing some of my outfits, just for fun.


This one is a bit of a tease because I bought it made, but it’s from a store called Bow Afrika that specializes in dresses from traditional fabric.


This one is fabric from Zambia. I have a lot left because I only had the top made. I’m thinking about having shorts made, which could actually be worn in my future townie life.

My plan is to be fashionably dressed in only locally-made outfits for our upcoming Close of Service conference. It will be hosted at a reserve with beautiful views, so I am looking forward to a bit of a photo shoot!

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