How I spent March’s living allowance

I ran out of money in March, too. It’s a trend in the PCV life, especially when I am 100 percent a cheese boy (well, girl, in this case). I didn’t even buy cheese with March’s money, but I did buy butter, a lot of yogurt, and chocolate.

At the tail end of February I made the decision to go on another trip to Kruger. As always, it was well worth it. I decided though, that I would spend two-thirds of my living allowance on the trip instead of using American money, just to see if I could be cheap enough to get by the rest of month on my remaining stipend. But then I also used my stipend to renew my national parks pass. And visited a few people at their sites.

Somehow I made it to what could have been pay day (it’s not a set day for us), and I had enough money to get home but do nothing else. I was so close to not using any USD!


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2 Responses to How I spent March’s living allowance

  1. April says:

    Thanks for being honest about going over budget. I do it ALL THE TIME.

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