Gratitude: Close of Service

This past week my friend Kirby visited my homestead again, and we laughed for hours. On the way home from the stesh, he proposed to my tutor and then asked her elder bhuti for permission to marry her, completely in siSwati. I didn’t think anything could be funnier than this, but when we told my family what had just happened, my make decided to instruct Kirby on proper proposal technique. This was even funnier.

The next morning Kirby and I headed to our Close of Service conference at Magadzavane in Mlawula near Siteki in the east. We had two-and-a-half days of sessions to prepare us for ending our service and to acquaint us with Peace Corps career services. We also took our final language tests, although extenders are allowed to retake next year if so desired. I passed with more flying colors than I deserved, although I will admit to totally rocking the exam. Knowing Swazi traditions and songs is the way to go.


G14’s 32 current volunteers. Goodbyes will begin soon.

The week was nice, but many of us wished for more down time to actually have a break. Alas, that’s not how Peace Corps trainings go.

This week started with attending my first white wedding in Swaziland. The bride is my cousin, although we had never met before. The bridal party got ready at my homestead, so Sunday started off loud. Every other day this week has begun quietly.


Baking for the week

  • Cinnamon rolls

Media for the week

  • Still reading Alexander Hamilton.
  • I was gifted a copy of Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa. Of course, I started reading immediately.
  • My younger bhuti and I watched True Grit.
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